Lifetime Membership for Tactical Firearms Training

Would You like a Free Front Sight Lifetime Membership – The Opportunity to Train at America’s Premier Firearms Training Facility and/or The Opportunity to Make Thousand of Dollars!

Short version: Find 4 people who want to buy Front Sight Lifetime Memberships and You’ll get a cash commission for each or a 5th Lifetime Membership in your name… FREE!

Long version: You don’t need Money, Skill or a License… You just need to know people who are interested in Firearms, Tactical Training and would like a Lifetime Membership to train at America’s Top Firearms Training Facility for 75% off the regular cost.

First the details… so you’ll know all about how it works, then the steps so that you can get started and get your own Lifetime Membership or make some serious cash.

Here are links to the different levels of Membership at Front Sight: These memberships are marked SOLD OUT and THEY ARE unless you buy from someone who was able to purchase duplicate memberships, like I was, during one of the Membership Promotions that Front Sight held! Continue reading

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